MIMM: {Happy Birthday Lil Gil}

Hey friends!

How is life?!! anything new?! I can not believe how fast the weekend flew by and that I only have ONE more weekend left here in DC!

Since I missed last week’s Marvelous in My Monday, I wanted to make sure I got to participate in the fun this week. Thanks Katie for hosting this!

1 . My weekend was absolutely MARVELOUS! If you are not caught up… I went to the beach on Friday with some of my intern friends from NBC. We had so, so, so much fun and it was a great little get away. Even though the weather was cloudy Saturday, we had a wonderful time hanging out together (and escaping the DC heat). The town is so stinking cute and local. Plenty of great talks, laughs, drinks, eats and I even got in a nice little run Saturday morning on the boardwalk! Katherine’s house was amazing and it was so nice of her to have all of us. A perfect weekend!

Good Morning!

Katherine and I

How cute is she?!

Mini bagel with PB + banana + chiaaa

2. Speaking of great eats… I have officially discovered the MOST MARVELOUS ice cream flavor ever invented. Mint chocolate chip with cookie dough pieces and crushed oreos. I know what you are thinking. It can not be real. ME TOO!!!!!! One day Parker will open an ice cream store just for me and have this flavor πŸ˜‰ (It’s fine that he does not know that is in his plan yet…)

3. I start best body bootcamp TODAY! I have been wanting to do this ever since the last one and I am excited to have a little change in my routine. I am going to obviously continue listening to my body and not going to push it… but I am really pumped to have something new! The first 2 weeks (first phase) looks MARVELOUS and almost 500 people have signed up so there will be plenty of support in the blog sphere!!

4. The most marvelous thing for last: IT’S MY GILLLLLLSSSS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Mally GIL! I love you so much. Finally legal πŸ™‚ I hope you have the best day ever! Wish I was celebrating right there with you!!!!!! XOXO thanks for always being such a good friend! YOU DA BESSSTTT! I am so happy you “picked me” (HAHAHAHAHAH!!) You really are such a great friend and I can’t thank you enough for always being there for me!

For old time’s sake……

Happy Monday friends!


8 thoughts on “MIMM: {Happy Birthday Lil Gil}

  1. Looks like you really had a great weekend, yay! The mini bagel and the ice cream look sooooooo up my alley πŸ™‚

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