WIAW: {Summer Staples}

Well hello there!

Can ya believe it is already Wednesday?! Me either! I am super excited for this week because my precious grandparents will be in town with their friends. I am looking so forward to seeing them and spending time with them!

Well… this week has been quite a whirlwind and the past two days have been crazy! My eats have been super quick and random (except for my salmon teryiaki Monday night!!) and to be honest I do not really even have any pictures of recent eats over the past few days for WIAW. Soooo… I decided to tell you guys about what my favorite foods have been lately ESPECIALLY in the hot summer months! Thanks Jenn for hosting this.

While I am ALWAYS more of a meal person than a snacky person… in the summer I seem to eat more throughout the day in smaller portions and in the winter I just eat 3 giant portions. Do not ask why… I could not tell you.

Snack plate 🙂

1. Fruit. When the temperatures are blazing outside there really is nothing better than a giant bowl of fruit. I especially love any and all berries (I lied… I HATE rasberries) and melons and grapes in the summer. I eat a lot of fruit anyways, but in the summer I seem to incorporate it in just about every single meal AND snack. I am on a BIG white peach kick lately after finding those beauties at the store the other day.

2. Yogurt bowls. I LOVE yogurt bowls (especially with Chobani!). They are so refreshing and you can do just about anything with them. Fruit, granola, chia seeds, chocolate chips, whatever!!

3. Green Strawberry and Banana Monsters. Can you really beat a smoothie when it is 788918219 billion degrees out? I have had a few of you ask me what my smoothies are like so here is the low down on this one:  1/2 frozen banana, as much spinach and frozen strawberries as your little heart desires, a container of greek yogurt, water, chia seeds…. when I go home I am looking forward to adding a splash of OJ to them… but for now I am too cheap to buy OJ because it would take me a year to go through the whole bottle 😉

4. Turkey sandwiches. Wraps, whole wheat bread, mini bagel, whatever. I LOVE turkey sandwiches and especially in the summer with lots of spinach and tomato. They remind me of my mommy and it makes me happy.

5. BBQ Pop Chips. You may be thinking… these are “not as good for you as you think.” I am 110% aware of that but they are a trillion times better than what I could be eating. And speaking of turkey sandwiches… mine always taste better with a BBQ chip. Just saying.

6. Tart fro-yo. I never though I would say it… Baxter are you reading this??? I LOVE the tart kind of fro-yo. I used to only eat the kind that tasted like ice cream.. but my roomies and new friends this summer have gotten me hooked on this stuff.I LOVE IT. Good thing we have a sweet green .1 miles away from our house?

7. Salmon with roasted sweet potato and brussle sprouts. I think this may be my favorite summer dinner. The combination of everything is heavenly and not to mention, pretty darn healthy?! I think the second best summer meal is homemade turkey burgers on the grill… which I have only had the pleasure of having once this entire summer. I just hate buying a whole thing of ground turkey for one… and it is kinda sad to grill alone. Mom, Dad… my homecoming celebration meal August 5th???? 😉

8. Anything and everything GREEN. Stuftmama I am convinced you are a complete genius.

9. Quinoa bowls. Oh what you can do with these little things!! You can put quinoa in your salad for some healthy carbs, make some protein packed “fried rice”, make a cheesy chicken quinoa bowl, etc. . Perfect if you want to cook up a big batch on Sunday and then just add it to anything and everything you eat especially when it is just too hot to cook and labor over a 5 star quality meal.. okay not that there are any 5 star meals being made over here but ya get my point.

10. Giant cereal combos. Sick of seeing this?! sorry 🙂

11. Fitnessista’s amazeballs.  I make these with 2 tbsp of Vega chocolate smoothie mix and add a tbsp of chia and 2 tbsp of oats. Delicious! My batch usually makes about 6-7 little amazeballs. A PERFECT snack to kick my sweettooth to the curb or before a late afternoon pre-workout snack.

12. Some foods I eat almost everyday no matter summer or winter: Coffee, dark chocolate, almonds, chia, almond/ peanut butter, anything PB + banana, mint chocolate chip ice cream, pizza, Mexican (I MISS my Tex Mex)…. oh you know… JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING!! And wine and margaritas. Does that count as food?!

Fitness this week:

Per every other WIAW this month…. I am going to talk about my Fitness! Woo! Like it has been this whole summer… nothing too crazy or exciting going on around here on the fitness front. Just still kinda listening to my body and doing what is best for it that day.

However, I DID join Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp that started on Monday!! I am absolutely loving it already. Her workouts are awesome and very realistic yet challenging. I also love the facebook group and all the support that you get from everyone doing it (with 500 participants… it is pretty insane!!). I think it is the perfect little push that I needed to get back into the groove of things. I am also moving things around to fit my schedule best!

My workout schedule for the week looks like this (hopefully!):

Monday- I did Workout A (burning arms!) + 20 min HIIT running on the treadmill (60 min spring, 60 min jog, alternating)

Tuesday- I got home from work so late and I was so dang HANGRY so I set out for a 25 minute run and called it a day. It was a “20 minute steady state” cardio day for the Bootcamp + Workout B so I am going to do workout B today!!

Wednesday- Workout B (lower body) + 20 min walking intervals + core

Thursday- 45- 60 min cardio + core

Friday- Workout C (full body strength) + intervals

Saturday/ Sunday- Totally depending on what my weekend with my grandparents looks like! If I do not have time for a workout, who cares! I am thinking maybe a long walk + a little yoga on Sunday?!

I am leaving you all with this because today what I am craving most is love with this lil gil. I miss her more than anything in the world!!! 10 days!

Love Mint Chip tip for the day: Never forget your friends, family, and overall mental health and well being are more important than any silly diet or workout. Don’t miss out on life because you are too worried to slip up. And if you do slip up, take a breath, go on a walk, and fix it.

I hope you have a yummy, healthy, happy Wednesday!!


19 thoughts on “WIAW: {Summer Staples}

  1. Enjoy the time with your family coming! I love this list of foods cause I love pretty much all of them! I’ve been loving fresh fruits, salads, yogurt bowls, and smoothies so much this summer! I keep seeing quinoa bowls everywhere and really need to make one! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Love all of your eats.. especially the smoothie. I swear I can never get enough of them whether it be during the summer or winter. I think if I didn’t have to cook the hubs dinner everynight, I could probably have one for every meal haha.

    Have a wonderful time with your grandparents this weekend girl 🙂

  3. I am seriously so obsessed with your blog! Everything you post always looks delicious.. I want to try and start eating healthier but i dont even know where to begin! How did you learn so much about it all?
    Have a great week & enjoy the time w/ family this weekend!

    • hi sloan! thank you so much for stopping by. i research ALL the time and read tons of blogs 🙂 i am the health and fitness editor for SMU newspaper so that has really allowed me to learn a ton about it. i am extremely passionate about healthy living and this came from years and years of restricted eating and yo yo dieting…. i would love to talk more about this with you and help you start your journey! please email me if you want to!

  4. Yogurt definitely is a taple of mine,too,especially in summer. It’s so versatile,but to be honest,I love it plain with fruit the most! 😉 And fro-yo… don’t even ask if I like it. I don’t. I LOVE it!
    Anyhoo,I can so understand how much you miss your litle lady! She seriously is such a cutie and I bet she’s missing you,too. 🙂

  5. I think we have the EXACT same food tastes. I literally live off fruit, yogurt bowls, smoothies, turkey wraps WITH bbq popchips no less, raw vegs + hummus, quinoa bowls. I felt like I was reading about my day of eats!

    Have fun this weekend with your grandparents.

  6. Yay for your grandparents coming, that will be so lovely 🙂 Your list of foods pretty much matches mine haha, and I love that! Yogurt bowls a-plenty and obviously frozen yogurt FTW! Turkey sandwiches are a classic, as are any fresh berries, they are just so tasty right now

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