MIMM: {Home Sweet Home}

Hey friends!

Happy Monday 🙂 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Did anyone do anything fun?!

Let’s jump right into what is Marvelous In My Monday shall we?! As always, thanks Katie for hosting this!

1.  Spending time with my sister!

Rollins flew to DC to ride home with me and let me tell ya a 15.5 hour car ride is a great way to catch up on life 😉

I took her to my favorite place to eat in Georgetown on Thursday night, Peacock Cafe and we went back to T Sweets for more ice cream.

Cheeseburger for Ro

Grilled shrimp ceaser for me

Peanut butter oreo swirl fro yo with oreos and reeses toppings for me and Coffee Oreo ice cream for Ro

Friday morning I got up bright and early to go for my last run on my favorite route. I am really going to miss this.

We hit up Dean and Deluca for iced coffees, loaded the car, made a pit stop at Trader Joe’s for some of my favorite things and hit the road.

We ended up stopping a little outside of Knoxville (a little over halfway) and stayed in a great little hotel. Saturday morning we were up and ready to go again!

Around the time we were almost to Birmingham, we were starving and I was in much need of caffeine. Starbucks to the rescue!

Rollins talked me into getting the egg sandwich and said she loves it. P if you are reading this: I have found a fast food (is starbucks fast food?!) breakfast that I could eat every single day for the rest of my entire life. I honestly do not mind fast food if I am on the road with no other option (preferably Subway or Chick-fil-a) but if there is one thing I HATE it is fast food breakfast and this drives my boyfriend crazy. I have no idea why he thinks I am such a diva 😉

2. Dinner with my parents.

Corona Light with lime… much needed!

We went to my dad’s favorite, Papitos. He loves it. And this picture sums him up perfectly.

3. Sunday morning pancakes.

Have you guys tried these Kodiak Cakes? I am in love with them. They are literally just oats and wholewheat flour… they really can not get much healthier and it is nice if your not in the mood to whip up your own batter. Of course I doctored them up with a little cinnamon, vanilla and chia. Courtney always slices bananas in hers so I gave that a try as well. Topped with Justins honey peanut butter and tons of syrup this was an awesome little way to start the day. And my daddy liked them too!

4. Keifer’s with the fam.

If you are from Jackson, need I say more? If you are not from Jackson… well you should make a trip here JUST to eat at Keifer’s. I got a grilled chicken wrap with the famous feta and honey mustard sauce on the side. Heaven.

5. Hanging out with my cousin.

Cooking with Aunt Anne 101. We made banana bread and I taught her how to make a green muffin. We added some chocolate chips into hers which Aunt Anne just might be doing in hers from now on 🙂

6. My mom’s fridge.

Since I am poor, when I grocery shop for myself I have to be very specific about what I buy. I love being home and having all kinds of fruit and already grilled chicken to eat whenever I get hungry. Different kinds of ice cream bars, etc. etc. You get my point.

7. Sleeping.

I have nothing to do but catch up on sleep and hang with my family! I could not be happier.

8. Cuddling with Emma 24/7 all day everyday.

I love being home with my best little buddy and taking her on walks and getting plenty of quality snuggle time in.

9. Stay tuned for My Weekly Setup tomorrow!!!!!

10. Have the MOST marvelous, happy, healthy YUMMY MONDAY ever!


15 thoughts on “MIMM: {Home Sweet Home}

  1. Happy Monday Anne!!!! I loved reading this post…I am with you all the way on fast food breakfast. I really don’t mind stopping for fast food at any other meal, but I need a good breakfast in the mornings, is that really too much to ask for ?! 🙂

    How do I get started in joining MIMM, I’m loving it!

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