My Weekly Setup: {Enjoy Home}

Hey friends!!

Thank you guys for all your sweet words from yesterday’s post. It really is SO nice being home with my family!

Speaking of being at home.. as promised yesterday, I have My Weekly Setup to share with you guys.

My 2 main goals for this week are:

1. Try some new fun recipes for my family and I while I am home.

2. Sleep.

Those goals seem easy enough, right?!

As far as exercise and eats go for this week, I am just going to play everything by ear and do what I am feeling that day. I am going to enjoy being home for the next week and a half and not stress too much about it. I have a few fun lunch and dinner dates set up with people I have been dying to catch up with! And then this weekend I am going with my best friend since forever to her lake house… I have not been in FOREVER!!!! Needless to say, I am not going to put working out and strict clean eats over all these people I love and adore and never get to see.


I am still loving Best Body Bootcamp! I can not believe I am already on Week 3. Tina has done a FANTASTIC job with this and I LOVE the facebook group. It is so encouraging and quite hysterical some days.

Workouts I hope to get in:

1. 5/5 Intervals + Core–> DONE! I did this yesterday. I was NOT feeling a workout but once I started walking, I got in the groove and did a sweaty interval walking workout ended with a ton of stretch and foam rolling!

2. Workout A (upper/lower body) + Circuit Intervals

3. Workout B (upper/lower body) + Circuit Intervals

4. Progressive Intervals + Core

5. Workout C (Full Body) + 20-30 min steady state cardio

6. YOGA!!!

I may switch these up and play around with them…. but for now that is what I am hoping to accomplish!!


Like I said, I am home and have fun dates planned, people to see and things to do! I am NOT going to stress over this. I want to try some new fun healthy recipes for the fam, and I am also going to enjoy myself while I am here. I am just going to stick to my regular eats and habits!

Positive thoughts for the week:

Questions: What are YOUR goals for this week?! 

3 thoughts on “My Weekly Setup: {Enjoy Home}

  1. Love your positive attitude girl. Enjoy your time, and have fun with all your loved ones. A couple days of bad eating and low intensity/no workouts aren’t going to kill you, or make you gain 894986 lbs. 🙂

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