WIAW: {Garbanzo Beans, Grizzly and More Protein}

Well hello there!!

Happy Wednesday! This week at home is flying by too fast but I am looking SO forward to reuniting with all of my best friend IN ONE WEEK!!

Before I  jump into WIAW, there is something I wanted to share. Lately I have been a hungry monster. Not just like “oh, I am a little hungry.” No. Like “oh, I could eat anything and everything you put in front of me and still not be full.” AND I have been feeling like super light headed if I do not eat. How cute, right?

It’s not like I don’t eat enough (you guys know I am not skipping meals over here….). SO in an effort not to eat my parents entire kitchen… AND to prevent from being a complete hangry Grizzly, I have decided that I need to focus on increasing my protein intake because I think this will make a really big difference.

I felt much better yesterday and I am going to continue doing this until my hunger streak dies down!!

Check out this article on Healthy Protein Food Sources if you are also looking for healthy ways to fill your belly.

A few years ago, I was scared to death of eating too much protein. I thought it would make me fat. HA. Little did I know, that is quite the opposite effect. That was a sad time in my life 😉

WIAW: Increasing My Protein Intake

{Thanks Jenn for hosting this!}

Breakfast (8:15 am):

2 eggs over easy (12 g protein!) + 2 pieces of TJ’s sprouted wheatberry toast with jelly and chia seeds + a cup of fruit

Workout (10:00 am):

Circuit Cardio Intervals + Workout A from Best Body Bootcamp

I am sore. Like real, real, real, real sore.

Lunch Part 1 (11:15am):

To refuel from my workout, I had a green berry monster!!

Frozen blueberries + frozen strawberries + half banana + a ton of spinach + Plain Oikos greek yogurt (15g protein)

Around 12:30, On my way out the door to run some errands and get my hair cut, I grabbed a slice of the whole wheat banana bread Julia and I baked on Sunday and topped it with a very generous amount of almond butter for some added protein.

This is the recipe that we used: Whole Wheat Blueberry Banana Bread. Except we did not use blueberries and we added in 1 tbsp flax and 1 tbsp chia seeds (obviously!).

Emma and I both got a haircut yesterday. Isn’t she the cutest?! I am a proud mother 🙂

She missed her Mommy all day!!

Eloise wanted her picture taken too!

Lunch Part 2 (3:00pm):

I knew we would be eating a late dinner, so I needed something filling to hold me over!

1/2 Spinach wrap stuffed with deli turkey (protein!), tomato and mustard.

Happy Hour:

Dad brought me this bottle of Skinny Girl wine to try. I really liked it! It was really light and refreshing.

Dinner (7:45 pm):

I cooked for the family!

Grilled chicken (protein!) + grilled squash + roasted sweet potato fries.

Dessert (9:30pm): 

After taking Emma and Eloise on a little walk after dinner, I tried some of the dessert I made.

No one believed me that these were healthy!

Chocolate Covered Katie is a genius. I have been dying to make her healthy chocolate chip blondies but have been entirely too scared of the garbanzo beans. You literally can not taste them at all. I PROMISE! My sisters loved it.

Garbanzo beans = even more protein to end the day + a little scoop of vanilla ice cream!

{Do y’all like the plate I painted when I was little?!}

What a great days of eats! Gosh I wish I could be home for forever.

Have a yummy, beautiful, healthy and wonderful Wednesday!

Questions: What exciting things have you been munching on lately?

When you go through hunger streaks what do you do??


32 thoughts on “WIAW: {Garbanzo Beans, Grizzly and More Protein}

  1. I think Chocolate Covered Katie is a genius, too! BUT, I’ve tried two of her recipes and they so haven’t turned out great. I tried her cookie dough balls this week (using garbanzo beans!) and they just didn’t harden in the refrigerator like I think they should have. You’re so right about not being able to taste the garbanzo beans though! I’m going to take a stab at these blondies tonight! 🙂

  2. Awe, Emma’s haircut makes her look even more adorable! I increase my protein too when I’m noticing that I’m hungry more than often. It seems to work wonders for me :).

    Oh your dinner looks so tasty too btw!!

  3. I’ve baked with garbanzo beans before too. YOu really can’t taste them! The only thing I found was that the baked goods got moister the more they sat….which is just another reason to be sure you eat them quickly. Haha!

    Hope the soreness dissipitates for you soon!

    • thanks tina! yes… the blondies were gone from our house in 1 day… the did not have time to get soggy!! i am feeling better today. hoping to get in some quality yoga time this afternoon!! still loving all of the workouts. yesterday i did the progression intervals outside. kicked my booty!!!

  4. I have been eyeing Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipes forever. But like you was too scared to try them. Although, after your testimonial I now have some confidence. So looks like I know what I am making for dessert soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Happy WIAW 🙂

  5. Great post, lady!! I love your protein eats – they definitely help keep you fuller, for sure. I couldn’t help but notice the wine.. I love all the skinny girl stuff! I also want to try that cookie recipe with garbanzo beans… Love ingredient swaps to make what is formerly known as “unhealthy” to “healthy” 🙂

  6. I’m glad someone else thinks nut butter + banana bread belong together! I always eat banana bread anything like that and my sister gives me weird looks 😛 I think hunger streaks are natural – I have them sometimes and I feed them (I make sure I’m eating plenty of protein and fats with my carbs) because our bodies knows best! It could be a growth spurt, maybe even some development of internal organs or something, so I never want to deprive my body of what it wants!

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