Sweat It Out Saturday: {A Break from Running}

Hey friends!

Happy weekend! How are you guys?! I had planned on posting yesterday but I just kinda got side tracked and ended up not feeling like cranking out a post. Right now I am about to leave for Lake Bruin with my bestie, Katie, from high school!

Cruise 2009 Senior Trip… Good times!!

I spent so many weekends at Bruin during the summer when we were growing up and I am so excited to go back. AND happy to spend much needed quality time with her 🙂

Last time I was at the lake! Summer going into my freshman year of college.

I have been meaning to participate in Stefanie’s, “Sweat it out with Stefanie” for the longest time but I keep forgetting! The rule to participate? Link up a post to her blog about anything sweat-related in my life during the week. Easy enough!

I am NO fitness guru and I am FAR from being an expert about anything fitness related but I love that she does this. It is a great way to share fun workouts, tips and motivation! I am going to try to make a habit of it more often.

So let’s chat for just a minute. You guys know I have been participating in Tina’s bootcamp and I am LOVING it. One of the reasons I joined is because I really needed a bit of a challenge and a kick in the butt. Usually running gives that to me but my crazy hip has been killing me so I have not been running for long periods of time at all lately, mostly just short little bursts. In fact, the last time I ran a really long distance (I think probably 10 miles… that is long for me!) was a month before I started this little blog.

One thing I am learning from Tina’s plan is that not every workout has to be completely crazy. In fact, some of the shorter routines I have done have been the hardest ones! AND not every single workout has to include cardio… who would have thought?! I have always known this but just ignored it. I never thought I could get the same kind of endorphins from strength training as I could from running. Now I am realizing that it does not really matter what the workout is for me, as long as I just do it.

Workouts from the week:

Monday: 5/5 Intervals + Core

I wish I had written what I did down, because I was a sweaty mess when I got off of the treadmill. I did a mishmash of speed walking, incline walking, recovery walking, etc. It was a great workout!

Tuesday: Workout A (upper/lower body) + Circuit Intervals + Walked the dogs

I was SO sore after this workout!! For the circuit intervals I did:

Warm up 5 min walking > Superset 1 > increasing run intervals for 5 min > Superset 2 > increasing run intervals for 5 min > Superset 3 > walk for 5 min cool down

Confused about what a superset is? A superset is when two strength moves are performed back to back without stopping. Then I repeated this twice for a total of 3 times through each.

If you are interested in trying a superset cardio workout, I found these for you guys from Women’s Health Magazine: The Superset Plus Cardio Workout and one without cardio, Hot for the Holidays superset routine.

Wednesday: 30 minuteProgressive Intervals + Core Work

I did my progressive intervals (I followed Tina’s plan exactly time wise) outside because I thought they were going to be easy and short, never mind that it is so hot in Mississippi right now I die walking outside. These intervals ARE perfect to do outside and I will be saving them again for a beautiful spring day!

My intervals look liked this:

Thursday: 70 min walk + 10 minute Yoga Flow

A Cold Front… Yes I know… A COLD FRONT came through Jackson so it was in the high 70s and 80s. It felt amazing!! I was STILL sore from Workout A so a nice long slow walk was perfect! I also did this 10 Minute Yoga Flow from FitSugar. If you are looking for a quick, effective way to do a little yoga and stretch after some cardio… this is great!

Friday: Workout C + 15 min dog walk

This workout was short but I am having a hard time sitting down to type this post. 3 10 minute circuits, for a total of 30 minutes!! Each had 3 mini strength moves and I had to see how many I could do in that 10 minutes nonstop. I was sweating like crazy!!

Positive, motivating thoughts from the week:

Overall, it has been an awesome week of workouts! I hope the running bug hits me again as soon as the weather cools down 🙂

Did you guys do any fun workouts this week?! Anything you want to share?

Thanks Stefanie for letting me participate in your link up 🙂

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend. Hopefully I can catch some rays. My skin is glowing it is so pale!!



8 thoughts on “Sweat It Out Saturday: {A Break from Running}

  1. Yay! Thanks for posting a sweat it out post! I actually kind of fell off the SIOS wagon, but your post totally motivated me to pick it up back up! I’ll be doing the sweat it out with Stefanie posts on Mondays now to get motivated for the week ahead! 🙂

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