MIMM: {“Thank You God for Another Day”}

Hello there!

Today has been crazy and I am just now getting around to doing a post! How was your weekend?! I hope it was absolutely fantastic. Mine was filled with much needed time with my bestie and her family, too much food, lots of relaxing and sunshine!

Since today is MIMM, let’s talk about all the marvelousness going on right now. Thanks Katie for hosting this!

1. Obviously, our weekend at the Lake!! Thanks again KP for inviting me 🙂 I even proved to myself I can in fact still wake board… it has been almost 2 years!!

We had the BEST time catching up and I loved spending time with her parents and nephews. Growing up, Katie and I spent every waking moment together and when we get together… nothing really changes. Her Granny and Grandaddy came to the lake too and when I tell you they are so precious, words can not even explain it.

Saturday night we set out for the famous “Sunset Cruise.”As soon as we pulled out onto the lake and were staring at the most gorgeous sunset,  her grandfather said, “Thank you God for another day.” I will never, ever forget that moment. It is something I need to remember every single day. Talk about marvelous?!

2. I will be reunited with my best friends in 48 HOURS!!!! FORTY EIGHT HOURS!!! I am counting down every single second, minute, hour.

3. I am kind of sad to leave home because this little break between my internship and school has been fantastic. BUT I am reuniting with my family this weekend in North Carolina for my cousin, Jody’s wedding! I am so excited to see everyone and I know it will be a great week.

4. My sweet Daddy took Rollins and I shopping today. He absolutely INSISTED that we go. I got a ton of new outfits and a new pair of boots!! He is the BEST!!

New Boots!!

5. This picture is my family in a nutshell. Gosh I am going to miss them so much. We had our last family dinner together tonight before we all leave :(. It was so weird.

{This is my mom in this picture.. I know we look identical.}

6. My goals for Best Body Bootcamp this week are:

  1. Enjoy time with my friends and family!!!!!
  2. Fit in normal work outs when possible but not stress about it too much with moving in, etc!!
  3. Thank God for every day. For all of my blessings, my friends, my family, my animals and Parker. I do not deserve anything He has given me and continues to provide.

I think that is about it for now… Lots of marvelousness going on around here!

Hope you all had a MARVELOUS Monday!!

9 thoughts on “MIMM: {“Thank You God for Another Day”}

  1. This post is overflowing with JOY!! Every word brought a huge smile to my face, especially your reflections about KP’s grandfather’s quote. SO TRUE! ❤ We are unbelievably blessed and should express thanks and gratitude every single day! 🙂

    It looks like you had an amazing weekend! Wakeboarding sounds like a blast, that s'more looks absolutely delicious (they're my favorite!), and your new boots are adorable.

    Enjoy your cousin's wedding!! ❤

  2. What a marvelous post. I am so happy for all the amazing things that have been happening in your life. You are such a beautiful person & deserve it more than anyone. Have a wonderful time with your best friends.

    –Oh and lovee the boots! They are adorable 🙂

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