Hey friends!

How are you guys?! Before I jump into WIAW… I want to give a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends in the whole world, Elizabeth Ansbro!! I am SO excited to celebrate with you in just a few short hours!! WAAAHHOOO!!!

Beautiful Birthday Girl!!!!!!

Thanks for always being the BEST FRIEND I could ever ask for. Oh and I guess for putting up with my weird habits (Elizabeth and I lived together in the KKG house last year and will live together again this year). She honestly has one of the kindest hearts imaginable and always has the best advice for when I am acting like a completely unstable, insane person! AND she has just landed this awesome job in big D from her internship in Chicago this summer… because she is kinda like a genius, smart, motivated, gorgeous, FABULOUS individual!! Love you more than you will ever know πŸ™‚

I am doing this post super fast so I apologize for any spelling/ grammar errors. I have a lot of packing to do and am leaving in an hour to head back to Dallas! My eats were completely ALL over the place yesterday haha so just bear with me!! Thanks Jenn for hosting this!


Van’s powergrain waffle topped with almond butter, flax, chia, and my favorite banana + blueberry combination. Drenched in syrup. DUH!!


Parker’s mom is amazing and brought me lunch to their house so I could see Gumbo one more time!

My Girl!!

I had my favorite Newks salad :)…. called “The Newks Favorite” (chicken, pecans, gorganzola cheese, dried cranberries, artichoke hearts, grapes). That salad looks like it is bigger than my head? Oh… wait it is. And I ate every.last.bite. She also brought me some chocolate because she knows this is where my true love lies. Gigantic salad +Mint chocolate goodies = the way to my heart. P… love ya but your mom has you beaten by like 28198219281920 points right now.


Unpictured banana + almond butter before a quick outdoor interval run –> It was TOO HOT!!!!


I went to see Becca perform for All Sports Night (where they introduce the sports teams/ cheerleader/ dance teams, etc. for the year) at my old high school! She did amazing. Can NOT believe this baby is a senior! Time has flown by.

My family went to Newks for dinner. HA twice in one day?!! If you can not tell, Newks is a staple where I live. There are several around town but they have the best sandwiches, salads, pizzas, etc. Mom has been raving about their salmon ceaser so that is what I got! It was delicious.

I came home and had a Weight Watchers (No… I am not doing WW!!) Chocolate Bar and then packed my little life away.

Off to put everything in the car and maybe squeeze in like a 20 minute workout?! Better than nothing right? See you guys as soon as I am all moved in and settled!

Have a healthy, yummy, fun-filled FABULOUS Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “WIAW: {Newks Twice and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH!!}

  1. Both salads sound delicious.. especially the salmon caesar. I’m assuming it’s made the same way as the usual chicken caesar?? ((I’m thinking this may be the dumbest question ever haha)). Have a great time celebrating your best friends birthday girl ❀

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