So Much Going On: {Let’s Catch Up}

Hey guys!!

How are you?! Ah so much happening over here lately… let’s do a quick little catch up shall we?!

This past weekend I was in Charlotte, North Carolina for my cousin Jody’s wedding! We had an absolute blast. I saw so many people from home and it was great to catch up with everyone. Such a family filled weekend with lots of love, laughs and tons of fun.

A few pictures!!:

The beautiful bride!!

Dinner Friday night… Lots of laughs 🙂

Speaking of family, my little Rollins headed to Chapman University Monday. She is moving in today. I can not believe it. Were we not just 3 years old yesterday?

I had my “last first day of class” yesterday. What?! When did I get to be almost 22 and a senior? I never EVER thought my last first day of class would come.

First day!!

I also shadowed my first tour of SMU yesterday! I am an ambassador this year, and before I can set out to give my own tours, I have to shadow a couple of times. It was so much fun and it is a job that I am definitely looking very forward to. I love my school and have a lot of pride in it so I am excited to share that with other people.


Last night I had a dinner date with my godmother Kate at Zoe’s to catch up. I will never get sick of this place. Parker doesn’t know it yet, but one day he will open a Zoe’s in my backyard where ever we live ;).

If you want a few little reads, my first article for the semester in the Health and Fitness section was published in The Daily Campus yesterday. The cutest pilates teacher, Rachel contributed it. My blog post for today on The Fit Mustang is about healthy snacks to take to class! Would love your feedback if you want to check them out?!

  1. How to avoid gaining weight in college (Freshman 15… or Freshman 40 for me anyone?!!!)
  2. Healthy Snack for Class

We are still getting settled in our room at the Kappa house and as soon as it is done I will definitely post some pics for you guys. I am so happy to be living in the house again this year! I absolutely love it and there is always somebody to hang out with.

Well… are you sick of hearing about my life yet?

I think I am off to do a little run?! Maybe?! I think it is raining so I may just stay here curled up reading blogs.

I hope you guys have a happy Tuesday! See you tomorrow 🙂


7 thoughts on “So Much Going On: {Let’s Catch Up}

  1. You are so pretty in your pictures! I definitely could have used advice on eating healthy in college, 4 meals/day in the cafeteria freshman year definitely packed on the pounds 🙂 Congrats on writing for your school!

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