MIMM: {Happy Birthday Mar Mar And I Really Am Back….}

Hi friends!

I am so sorry I am just now posting… I know you have ALL been just anxiously awaiting to read all about my life, right?! 😉

I officially get the worst blogger ever award! But I have just been having so much fun with my first week back and haven’t really had a minute to sit down to chat with you.

Let’s just right into what is Marvelous in My Monday!! As always, Katie you are the best for hosting this!

1. Friends. I have been having a BLAST since I have been back. I went out 4 nights last week which is like A LOT for me but got to see so many people and loved every second of it!!

Love all of my sweet friends!!

2. SMU Ambassador job. I literally LOVE it! My favorite part is meeeting people and getting to talk to them about my school that I love SO much. I could go on about SMU for days. This is a perfect little job for me… even though my outfit is kinda gooby 🙂

3.  Yogurt Bowls. This has been my number one craving for a week! Odd, I know. BUT so yummy, filling and satisfying.

4. KKG Food!!

I save tons of $$ because I usually eat all of my meals here!! And let me tell you they do not lack in taste…Our precious cooks are amazing. They cook everything from scratch and it is all SO yummy!! Mostly everything we have is healthy or “healthified” which is super nice. They really do make such an effort to cater to all of the girls and our picky eating.

Some of my recent eats…

5. Bikram is BACK!! I have been twice since Thursday which = one happy girl. I took a picture after class for you guys but it was so tragic, you may never visit my blog again if you had seen it.

6. I am so excited about my Health and Fitness article this week! Check it out: SMU Health Spotlight: McKenna Cottam

7. I get to see THIS GUY in 4 DAYS!!!!

8. Happy Birthday Aunt Mary!!! Love you SO much! Have a great day. YOU ARE THE BEST! Miss you guys!

I hope you guys all have a happy, healthy YUMMY Monday!

See you tomorrow!


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