WIAW: {Refueling is Crucial}

Hey friends!!

How is life? Joining the WIAW party a little late. Today has been SO busy!! Not too many exciting things going on over here, just a lot of school, work, random meetings, you know the usual. I am getting SO excited to go see Parker tomorrow! WOOO!

Yesterday was kind of a fun day of eats. Since I am typically one to eat the same tings every day, I like switching things up a little bit. I was a HUNGRY BEAST yesterday too…because I made a BIG mistake.

I woke up really hungry because I had done Bikram the night before. I stuck to a lighter breakfast knowing I was going to run afterwards and would just eat something after my run. WELL, I got home later than I planned and and had to shower and look presentable for a meeting so I did not have time to grab anything. I came home for lunch SO hungry and this feeling lasted throughout the day. I know that even though I just did a short little run, I forget how crucial it is to refuel with at least something. Never again.

Breakfast (7:30am):

Eggs to order was on the menu at the KKG house. Besides oatmeal pancakes… this may be my favorite breakfast we have. I had 2 scrambled eggs + a piece of wheat toast with sugar free jam and chia seeds + a small tangerine.

Workout (8:45am):

3.10 mile interval run! This was a great little run and because I was alternating between easy and challenging, I was sweating like crazy by the end. I was super sore from Monday’s workout with Best Body Bootcamp + Bikram, so it felt good to stretch my legs.

But this is when I ran out of time to grab a snack. UGH!!

Lunch (11:30am):

By the time I sat down to eat, I was starving!

Salmon salad (teryiaki salmon, cranberries, spinach, apples, pecans) + a side of fruit (watermelons, pineapples, grapes, peaches, strawberries) + a handful of animal cracks for desert. Okay, I had 3 handfuls.

Snack (3:30pm):

I packed a whole weat tortilla + almond butter + half a banana for a snack because I knew it would be a while before I got home and was able to eat.

Pre-dinner (5:30pm):

I was starving at this point yet AGAIN. I grabbed a handful of carrots and also had a small serving of the squash casserole at the KKG house. I LOVE this squas casserole but I already had dinner plans so I just had a little bite!

Dinner (7:45pm):

Dinner at Banditos for one of my best friends Andy!! We met our freshman year in the journalism school and I literally love him to death.

I ordered a skinny margarita and a fajita chicken salad (grilled chicken + bell peppers + tomato + avocado + torilla strips + cheese).

I stayed away from the chip basket until my dinner came but  after I ate I was still starving and I ate entirely TOO MANY CHIPS. Gross. Ugh!!!!! Oh well. Whatever. Ha we all eat too much sometimes.

Desert (9:30pm):

Still hungry. 3 squares of Dove dark chocolate unpictured.

I think that is all, goodnight friends! Sweet dreams!!!!


4 thoughts on “WIAW: {Refueling is Crucial}

  1. I can never pass up chips @ restaurants. I’ll tell myself before even going to the restaurant that I’ll limit myself, but.. it never works out that way haha.

    Have a great time with Parker hunnie ❤

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