WIAW: {Pictures from the Weekend and Ready for a Routine}

Hi friends!

How is everyone?! I am doing fantastic except the minor exhaustion I am experiencing after such a fun filled weekend! I stayed up entirely too late, didn’t workout for 4 days, ate to my heart’s content and enjoyed every single second of it.

Believe it or not… I really did not take too many pictures of my food this weekend. I know, who am I right? But I did take a few fun pictures I thought I would share with you guys.

Before I show you those, for September’sΒ What I Ate WednesdayΒ theme, we are supposed to be making goals and FALLing into good habits. This is perfect for me.

My bestie and roomie, Elizabeth and I were just chatting about how we are both in desperate need of getting into a routine. For me, my main goal this month is to get into a routine of sleeping, workouts, clean eats, rest days, going out, blogging, classes, school work and jobs. I feel like I have been kind of all over the place and have been feeling a little sluggish lately… and I know all I need to do is get into a routine. So there is my goal πŸ™‚ I am counting on you guys to hold me accountable!!

This is not my typical “WIAW”Β  post… but oh well ;). As always, thank you Jenn for hosting this!

Friday: Yummy breakfast. Hung out. Played with Gumbo :)Gumbo has a new friend, Tootsie. Fun triple date dinner then out!

{Oh and FYI… in case you could not tell… yes we are totally those crazy dog people.}

Saturday: P cooked breakfast. Walk with Gumbo. Off to the football game!

Sunday: Church. Lunch at Newk’s. Headed back home to Jackson to see his parents (mine were in Memphis)! Yummy home cooked meal.

He loves a good selfie πŸ˜‰

Steak + spinach + potatoes + ceaser salad = Happy ME!

Monday: We went to look at a puppy in the morning and the Snow’s came home with a new family member, Roux! She is a rescue dog and is a lab/boxer mix. Precious. Gumbo was a little jealous ;). My family came back into town so we went home to see them, had dinner and I got to see my favorite face. Guess who?!

I think that is all.You should be all caught up.

I WILL get back into a good blogging routine…..I am off to workout. Hopefully I can get in a run/ walk outside without dying of a heat stroke!

Happy Wednesday!!!! Eat something yummy and healthy for me!


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