wiaw: {reeling in my snacky fingers}

Hi guyyyyss!

Is it really only Wednesday? Why is this week going by SO slow?

So in yesterday’s post I talked to you about my set up for the week. My goal is to keep my fingers from hanging out in every chip bag multiple times a day. AKA the sweet potato chips, Pirates Booty popcorn, animal crackers and baked cheetos. If I could only have a handful that would be great. But once I eat a few, I end up eating like 6 servings and then am too full for a nutritious snack or meal.

The thing is, I honestly would rather have an apple and almond butter or greek yogurt with berries but grabbing some chips seems easier than cutting the apple and spooning out the nut butter. When in reality they both take about the same amount of time. You guys know I am crazy.

Sooo… yesterday was my first time attempt at switching my snacks to better options. Now if I could just make it a habit…

Thanks Jenn for hosting WIAW!


wiawBreakfast- 7:45 am:

Oatmeal pancake loaded with banana slices + blueberries + chia and flax seeds and topped with a smidge of peanut butter and sugar free syrup.

Lunch- 11:45 am:

Gigantic salad beast.

{Grilled chicken, tomato, 1/4 avocado, shredded carrots, cucumbers, spinach with a tsp of hummus and tsp of tetraziki sauce}


You may thinks this looks like a lot of snacks… BUT I like to snack. I just need to remember to have snacks that are good for me 🙂 It gives me energy and powers me through the day especially if I do not have a big lunch or have an afternoon workout.

1:30 pm-

Still kinda hungry from lunch so I had a little baggy of almonds. Maybe like 20?!


Banana (unpictured!! sorry!!)

3:30 pm-

1/2 apple with 1 tsp of almond butter

Workout- 4:30 pm:


Dinner- 7 pm:

Salmon filet and broccolini from Central Market + a baby half of a sweet potato

Desert- 8pm:

Green tea + 2 squares of Dove chocolate 🙂

I have said this before and I will say it again… I will never give up desert. EVER. Life is entirely too short.


And that is a full day of eats for me!! I hope you guys have a fantastic Wednesday!

Question: Do you have snacky fingers?! What are you eating today?!


18 thoughts on “wiaw: {reeling in my snacky fingers}

  1. I LOVEEE to snack, I am so with you on this one.. I eat them much like you – often throughout the day! I also have a weakness for chips and pita chips, I can’t just eat one. I end up over doing it and feeling so full..blah! but what helps me to not do that is to remind myself how much BETTER and truly great I feel when I eat my “normal” snacks 🙂 Great eats, lady! looks like a fab day!

  2. I totally agree that this week is dragging! Can’t wait for the weekend! I struggle with snacking too but just try to keep my meals smaller throughout the day to make room for healthy snacks!

  3. I don’t necessary call it snacking because I believe in breakfast, mid morning SNACK, lunch, mid afternoon SNACK, dinner, and of course dessert! Snacks are more of a food I need for some extra energy 🙂

  4. you should never give up dessert! i have dessert every night. guess what. im not obese and i agree life is too short. we worry so much about “being fit” “being healthy” that we forget to enjoy the foods we eat. life IS too short to spend so much time worrying about stuff like that.

    so you eat your dove squares girl and next time add some ice cream! haha.

  5. I feel you. This week is going by so slow.
    Yah, I’m a true snacker too. I usually never post everything because I just always am snacking.
    All your eats look delicious! That baby sweet potato is SO tiny ha ha.;)

  6. Your food looks delicious! The chocolate chip bag is most dangerous for me… I finally stopped buying them for a few weeks. 🙂

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