wiaw: {eats lately}

Hi friends!

So… like I said this week is NUTS and if I can just make it until TOMORROW night I will be on a plane to see these two little nuggets!!! But until then.. it is kinda crunch time.

I do not have a whole lot of time to explain my eats… so I will leave you with some pictures of recent foods!! The past 5 days I have REALLY been focusing on cleaning up my diet and I feel like a new person. It is amazing what that can do 😉 I have some more on nutrition to share with you… but it will come on Friday (hopefully!).

Thanks Jenn for hosting WIAW!


Happy Wednesday!!

Question: What healthy eats have you been munching on lately?!?


12 thoughts on “wiaw: {eats lately}

  1. Hey Anne,

    First of all, good luck with your busy week! Hopefully when you are reading these comments you are done and can relax! I had one random question….if you can remember, where did you get the white pencil holder in your pic? I have been looking for a desk set like that. Take care!


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