wiaw: {halloween wish list}

Good morning friends and Happy Halloween!

To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of halloween for adults. I definitely think it is more of a little kid holiday. With that said, I don’t exactly mind all of the goodies that go along with it. I have been eating candy and sweets left and right… but it is Halloween right? No. I have the world’s worst headache from all of the sugar… but oh well 😉

I actually wrote one of my articles for The Daily Campus on how to Tackle the week of Halloween treats. Even though I have not been following my own advice, here is the candy guide I mapped out in my piece. (My article got picked up by Pegasus!!! WOHOO!!!!)

For today’s WIAW, I put together this little “wish list” of what exactly I would want to eat on my perfect Halloween day. As always, thanks Jenn!


Ghost Pancakes!!

Mid-morning Snack:


Mummy Pizzas + Halloween Sprinkles Cupcakes for desert!

Afternoon snack: 

A spider peanut butter blossom cookie + Fall chex mix (deadly for me!!)


All sweets!! Tons of candy, cookies, you know whatever. Oh, and pumpkin beer obviously 🙂

All topped off with one of my favorites:

Candy apples!!

How much longer do I have to wait to have kids and participate in all of these fun eats?!? Totally kidding :)!

Happy Halloween! May you enjoy this day of sweets and treats completely guilt-free. After all, it only comes once a year.


What sweets are you eating today!?!?



mimm: {i am so blessed}

Hi friends!

I am back!! How is everyone? I feel so out of the loop in everything in the “blog world” and I am excited to spend today catching up on reading about what some of you guys have going on.

Do you ever have those time when your heart feels so happy, content and full? When you realize that the people you love are what life is all about?

This weekend was SO much fun. I literally had the best time! I am so lucky to have such an amazing, supportive  family and friends.

I will leave you with a few pictures… and I will resume regular blogging this week.

friday fun: {pictures of what happens in vegas}

Hi friends!

So I thought of doing a whole long post from Vegas… but I decided to just show you guys a few pictures of the weekend instead!

We had an ABSOLUTE blast!

{Sorry this little blog has been so neglected lately 😦 life has kinda just gotten in the way}

Thanks to my friends who let me steal their pics! Such a fun weekend!

LOVE you guys 🙂 hope you all have a great weekend!!

Hopefully I will be back around more next week!!!!!!

wiaw: {healthy eats come back in my life}

Hi friends!

Long time no talk. When I left you on Friday I was headed to Vegas and then to Cali to visit my sister. It was a whirlwind of 5 days but it was SO much fun!! I am still putting together all of our pics, etc. so I will have a FULL recap super soon.

Today let’s talk about getting some healthy food back into my life. In Vegas I basically ate whatever and whenever. We really didn’t even eat all that much, it was just a bunch of junk whenever I did sit down to eat (if you can imagine!!). However, it was an awesome 3 days with amazing friends and I wouldn’t take back a single morsel of food or beverage I consumed.

SOO… now let’s talk about how I am getting back on track/ planning to STAY on track for the next week!! Thanks Jenn for hosting this!

Even though I was traveling yesterday and was in the airport, my body was craving healthy eats.

Workout (8:45 am):

I started the day with a 40 minute sweat session in the basement gym of my sister’s dorm (I want a basement gym!!!) while she was in class.

Breakfast (9:45 am):

I forgot to snap a picture of breakfast but it was a banana + bite of scrambled eggs (way to buttery for me!!) + fresh pineapple.

Lunch (12 pm):

For lunch I grabbed a chopped salad from Subway before my flight.

Shredded lettuce + spinach + turkey + olives + tomato + pickles + balsamic vinegar. I got in some much needed veeeegggiiiieesss.

Snack (2 pm):

As a snack I had some sliced apples and dipped them in my Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter Packet. This almond butter tastes like candy. So, so, so good.

I also had a couple of handfuls of almonds between flights!

Dinner (8 pm):

Mallory picked me up from the airport and we went to Central Market to grab dinner. I wasn’t starving so I had the spring rolls! Delicious.

Bedtime snack:

When I got back, I had a couple of squares of dark chocolate while unpacking. This is my new favorite brand! Amazing.

Today I am planning on cleaning up my eats even more… I started with some egg whites and spinach and am currently snacking on a grapefruit trying to decide if I should go on a run?!?

Ohhhhh…. and I am taking a personal day. #notsorryaboutit.

See you guys soon!! Hope you are having a fantastic week!

Question: Does your body start to crave healthy foods after a few over indulgent days!?

friday funday: {vegas here we come!}

Hi friends!

After a really fun few days with my mom and a birthday dinner for Mallory at Abacus last night… a few glasses of champagne and a fantastic meal finished off with a Sprinkles cupcake…

cutest party favor ever (i swear i got my nails done today ;))

and running around ALL day today getting by life together…

And packing everything into  a CARRY ON!! Who am I these days?!?

… and wearing my typical airport uniform… button down, leggings, oversized tank, flats and entirely too much jewelry….

I am officially PUMPED for Vegas!

We are going to have so much fun… I may not be around this little blog until next Tuesday or Wednesday… but I will have a FULL recap for ya when we return.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Question: Any fun plans for the weekend?!? I wanna hear what you guys are up to!!

thirsty thursday: {happy birthday mallory}

Happy Birthday Mallory!

I can not think of a better way to celebrate Thirsty Thursday than to give a shoutout to one of my best friends evaaaaa!!

I hope you have the best day ever. I LOVE you to pieces!!

Thank you for making me laugh every day. Multiple times a day!

And for being an amazing friend. I am so lucky to have you in my life!


mimm: {randomness galore}

Hi friends!

Hope you guys all had a beautiful weekend. Mine was awesome! It was really, really relaxing and a nice change of pace compared to the craziness of last week. Except for not getting to spend the day with this guy on his birthday.

Is it Monday already?!? What kind of marvelousness have I been up to? As always, thank you Katie for hosting this!

Friday night I went to dinner at Mi Cocina with my godmother Kate and her two cute friends. I had a mambo and guacolmole with chicken fajitas! Mico hits the spot every. single. time.

I should have NEVER posted about my fall favorites on Friday because I am pretty sure that I cursed myself. It got so cold here this weekend. I woke up Saturday morning and was in a wretched mood. I hate to be cold. My plans for a nice long run went out the window almost immediately.

After lounging around for like ever and getting some homework done, I finally convinced myself to go to the gym. The gym. The dreaded place that I hate. Okay, I do not hate it… I even kind of like it once I am there… but the gym at school just reminds me of winter and I really don’t like winter. I LOVE doing interval runs outside here and then just doing some little free weights in my room. But since I would rather die than be cold, it looks like it is time to get back to the gym.

I babysat most of the day on Saturday…. Did I mention that I am the world’s coolest babysitter and the real reason I like to babysit is to play with the family’s dogs? It’s fine and normal.

Then we went to grab drinks for Hillary because she finished the LSAT!! YAY CONGRATS! GO HIL!!!!!!!!

Sunday morning I went to a new workout class with Mary Kathryn and then we had a 2 hour coffee date. The class was at Tread Fitness and I reaaalllyyy loved it. Expect to see more almond milk lattees around here… it was amazing. It was the perfect Sunday morning!

Mal and I went to the Galleria to shop for a bit but I did not get anything becaussseeee… MY MOM is coming TUESDAY night!! WOOHOO!! Can’t wait.

My parents are usually in Dallas quite often but with Rollins in California, since I am supposed to be like some old senior or something that doesn’t get homesick… they have had to split their time 😦 But I can not wait for her to come so we can shop, shop and shop.

I am in major need of a few things…especially for Vegas this weekend!!

What did I say.. VEGAS??!?!? Yes! I am so excited. Well, kind of. I am not sure if Vegas is really my scene (hence all of my really wild weekends ;)) but I think we are going to have a blast. Mostly all of my best friends are going and a ton of other friends from SMU! I know it will be great once I get there.

Well now that you are all caught up on my life.. because I know you guys anxiously sit around and wait for my Monday updates… I am off!!

Have a happy, healthy, yummy Monday!

happy birthday: {my best friend}


I am so sad I am not celebrating with you on your special day, but I want to thank you for….

being my constant support…

my rock…

my best friend…

loving me for exactly the way I am…

making me want to be a better person…

telling me the truth when I don’t want to hear it…

and for being the person who believes in me more than I believe in myself.

Nobody knows me as well as you do and after ALL this time you still put up with me!

9th grade graduation

God definitely knew what He was doing when I introduced myself to you in 8th grade after I thought you were a new kid in our grade… 😉

….and then I drew sharpie all in your brand new jacket…

and then I bailed on sitting by you on the bus for the DC trip…

and then we had our first date with your parents on your birthday at Shapley’s and I ordered a bowl of potatoes…

and then I told you I would never sit closer than 5 feet away from you…

and then I helped you with your wardrobe…

and then somewhere in between all of this I fell head over heels for you and I have been every day since.

These past 4 years being away from each other have definitely not been easy, but if we can make it through this we can make it through anything!

I am excited for what our future holds and know how proud I am of you. 

I hope you have the best birthday. You deserve it more than anyone I know!

P’s 21st last year

what i love now: {friday fall obsessions}

Hi friends!

It is FRIDAY! Anyone else pumped?! With the weather finally cooling off in Dallas I am ready for fall. Pumpkin lattes. Skinny jeans. Chunky sweaters. Boots. Comfort food. Oh, and lets not forget that I want to be a mom like tomorrow for the sole fact of having an excuse to bake all of these precious fall treats.

I put together this little fall post for you of what I am loving right.

{All of these pictures are from my Pinterest account!}

Question: What is your favorite thing about fall?!

Off to squeeze in a workout!! Have a happy Friday!