wiaw: {halloween wish list}

Good morning friends and Happy Halloween!

To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of halloween for adults. I definitely think it is more of a little kid holiday. With that said, I don’t exactly mind all of the goodies that go along with it. I have been eating candy and sweets left and right… but it is Halloween right? No. I have the world’s worst headache from all of the sugar… but oh well 😉

I actually wrote one of my articles for The Daily Campus on how to Tackle the week of Halloween treats. Even though I have not been following my own advice, here is the candy guide I mapped out in my piece. (My article got picked up by Pegasus!!! WOHOO!!!!)

For today’s WIAW, I put together this little “wish list” of what exactly I would want to eat on my perfect Halloween day. As always, thanks Jenn!


Ghost Pancakes!!

Mid-morning Snack:


Mummy Pizzas + Halloween Sprinkles Cupcakes for desert!

Afternoon snack: 

A spider peanut butter blossom cookie + Fall chex mix (deadly for me!!)


All sweets!! Tons of candy, cookies, you know whatever. Oh, and pumpkin beer obviously 🙂

All topped off with one of my favorites:

Candy apples!!

How much longer do I have to wait to have kids and participate in all of these fun eats?!? Totally kidding :)!

Happy Halloween! May you enjoy this day of sweets and treats completely guilt-free. After all, it only comes once a year.


What sweets are you eating today!?!?



16 thoughts on “wiaw: {halloween wish list}

  1. What a cute post! No sweets planned for today but I’m sure some chocolate will sneak it’s way in 😉 Happy Halloween!

  2. I’m not that much of a candy fan but sampled a Snicker’s PB mini square. The candy was provided by my professor. I grabbed it because I hadn’t had peanut butter in awhile and was craving it. Like I said, normally I don’t indulge in candy because I hate that sugar-overload sickness feeling. We might make a trip to Yogurtland but that’s probably it.

  3. Love the idea of the wish list… Let’s see: Those ghost pancakes are totally adorable! Sugar cookies are always good. That twist on peanut butter blossoms is GENIUS. Oh my gosh, and those owls… Caramel apples. You found some great stuff!! I’m going to have to do this sometime. Except my lunch and dinner would probably look just like my dessert 😀

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