foodie friday: {taking a break from being healthy}

Hi friends!

Happy Friday. Can ya believe the week is already over? This week is absolutely flying by!!

So… let’s talk about something. Because I seem to have forgotten this little blog is about healthy living. This week I have just not been healthy.

I have had completely normal workouts because I crave the endorphins BUT my eating has been completely off.

Something I have not shared with you, because honestly I just wanted to keep it to myself, for the past month-ish I have been following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. I have not been doing it as strictly on the weekends but for the most part, I was really good about it. Why did I do this? To feel better. I just honestly needed something to get my snacky little fingers out of every single chip bag or chocolate jar at the Kappa house.

What has been different about this week? I don’t really know. I have not wanted a single vegetable. Usually I will pick a healthier option over the unhealthier option because that is what I genuinely want. But not this week. This week I have been craving salty snacks, Halloween candy, ice cream, etc. Last night I ate two gigantic ooey gooey, warm chocolate chip cookies.

Do I regret this? Kind of. Only because I have been focusing on clean eating for a few weeks and I have felt so much better. Do I think that 5 days can ruin it? Absolutely not. Do I need to jump back on the bandwagon NOW? Absolutely.

However, because I have been lacking in the nourishing eats department this week, it just reminds me how important it is to actually take care of my health. I have more energy. I am less cranky. I am able to focus more in class. I sleep better. I feel like myself.

I wanted to share this with you because I think it is important to not just tell you guys about all my workouts and healthy eats. I slip up all the time.

So… even though it is Friday I am challenging myself with an “eat clean weekend challenge.” Will I stick to it perfectly? Probably not. I am going to see Parker and I will probably slip up… but I am making a conscious effort to cut the sugar and processed food so that this unhealthy streak does not turn into anymore than these past 5 days. I have all of my little snacks packed and ready to go.

Monday I will give you a full report on how I did.

Anyone wanna join in with me?

Have a fabulous Friday! Thanks for listening to me ramble. I love you all!


14 thoughts on “foodie friday: {taking a break from being healthy}

  1. Totally with you on so much of this – one thing I ALWAYS keep up is my workouts because I love it – but I totally fall into not-so-healthy traps, even though I know it’s not good!

  2. I love your honesty girl. That’s what makes an amazing healthy living blogger! It’s normal to fall off the “healthy eating” bandwagon from time to time.. and anyone who says different are liars 🙂

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