tuesday thoughts: {my relationship with running}

Hi friends!

Happy Tuesday!! I really want this week to FLY by so it can be time for Thanksgiving. Anyone else?!

Today I wanted to talk about my relationship with running.

I am super jealous of all of you crazy people who can run a gazillion miles 6 days a week… but I just can’t. My body does not do well when I overdo it with running. I often find myself going through huge phases with it as well.

Sometimes I can run everyday for weeks straight. Sometimes I crave running…. and other times I absolutely despise it and would rather do anything but run. I go through phases where my main form of exercise is yoga, walking, HIIT intervals, strength training or running.

I have no idea why this is either? During those times when I am not into running, I obviously do other kinds of workouts because I don’t want to push myself and be miserable.

Right now, I think I am getting back into my running groove. I have found myself craving long, slower jogs. I am not complaining one bit because let’s be real.. there is no other feeling like the “I just ran 7 miles” endorphin high.

Thanks for listening to me ramble… Just thought I would share 🙂

Question: Do any of you go through ups and downs with running or other kinds of workouts?!


6 thoughts on “tuesday thoughts: {my relationship with running}

  1. I definitely can tolerate higher mileage (although my max so far has been 55) but once I do too much, my body immediately starts breaking down. 40 seems to be a happy distance for me and it feels weird to run less now although I know my body could definitely use a break from it. I too crave the endorphins that come with a long run 🙂

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