mimm: {foodie pen pal round 2}

Hey friends!

I know I have been SO MIA lately. Coming back this week I promise!!

What is so Marvelous about this Monday?!? Well… today is my 2nd round of Foodie Pen Pals! I participated in this last month and  loved it so I decided to join again.

Wanna see what my AWESOME pen pal sent me?! I love Kim! She is awesome and has a great blog! Check her out at hungryhealthygirl.com.

We must secretly be best friends. Chips and salsa + brownies. All from Trader Joes= my heaven/ happy place/ I miss it SO much from this summer/ I am so normal.

And not just any chips… Sweet Potato tortilla chips!!!!! (You guys know I LOVE sweet potatoes)

And almond flour for baked goods! I LOVE almond flour and really love Trader Joe’s almond flour. I was so happy that she sent me more so I could replinish my stock since I am almost out of mine from this summer.

Must not forget the chocolate. You guys KNOW I LOVE chocolate!!

Loved this Foodie Pen Pal package!! Thank you again Kim for everything!

Hope you guys all have a marvelous Monday!

Question: Did any of you participate in this?!!? Tell me what goodies you got!!!!

*Thanks Lindsey and Katie for these fun link ups!