wiaw: {election day fun}

Hi friends!!!

So… before I jump into yesterday’s eats let’s talk about the fact that I 100% think election day should be a holiday. I was entirely too focused consuming myself with the news and didn’t do a lick of one productive school thing. Or maybe that is because I am a complete journalism junkie? Yeah… that is probably it.

Anyways… On to what I ate during my own election day “holiday”.

Thanks Jenn for hosting What I Ate Wednesday!

wiawI knew it was going to be a very long night (it was not nearly as long as I expected!) so I knew I needed to full properly in the morning and squeeze in a quick workout.

Breakfast 8 am:

After a morning run and walk, I fixed a quick bowl of oatmeal + a spoonful of almond butter + half a banana + handful of blueberries. Tastes just like a muffin!

Lunch 11:45 am:

Monday night I picked up a few things from Central Market to have on hand for the day.

Grilled chicken+ cranberries + quinoa + a little Kappa pasta salad bc I love it!

Anyone else love the sweet and salty combination of cranberries with meat or fish? I love it!

Snack (3:30 pm):

I had a ThinkThin bar for some major protein. I swear these things can keep me full for hours!

Dinner 5:30 pm:

Even though the pizza in the journalism school smelled fantastic, I knew that my stomach would probably not appreciate it too much and I did not want to be uncomfortable all night sitting at the anchor desk.

Salmon ceaser salad (also from Central Market… can you tell I love that place?).

Desert 8:30 pm:

I brought an apple + nutella just in case my stomach was grumbling… and it was.

No pictures of it though!


Overall, such a fun day! No matter what the outcome was or what your opinion is, we are all still Americans and I fully intend to support President Obama for another 4 years!!

Have a great day friends. Eat something yummy and healthy for me!


Stuck in the J School

Hi everyone! 🙂

So you may remember me telling you on Monday that I was in a funk. And I have not been back since!

Well, I think my anticipation over how rough I was expecting this week to be was realllly stressing me out.

I am more than anal about my schedule (as my closest friends and family are rolling their eyes right now) and so whenever I have a packed week, I get awful anxiety over how everything will play out! And I do NOT like getting off my normal schedule of eating, working out, etc.

Needless to say after not a lot of sleep, only getting in 2 so-so crazy quick workouts this week, a LOT of junk food (think fro yo, ice cream, CHOCOLATE, puppy chow galore) and an all-nighter last night, I am ready to get back into my normal routine.

This is how one of my friends captured me during class today. How PERFECT for my humor 🙂

The worst part about today is that I could not crawl back in bed after I turned everything in!! I have a few more meetings and then I am going to go for a much needed sweat session at Bikram and crawl in my bed and die ( okay, I am being REALLY DRAMATIC)!

All-nighters do not do good things for me. They make me feel all funky and gross.

I promise I will be back to posting normal tomorrow!!

Have you all read this story? I know that my friends and I are so inspired by it. While this SMU runner Monica Korra suffered one of the most tragic accidents I can ever imagine, it was through her running that she was able to persevere and heal. Check it out!: http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/7811224/smu-cross-country-runner-monika-korra-survived-brutal-rape-tells-story

Mom and daddy come tomorrow! I am hoping that after a night of good sleep, I will finally be functioning like a normal person 🙂

Hope yall are having a happy thirsty Thursday!!!!!!!