mimm: {pictures from our weekend}

Hi friends!

How are you?! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was so much fun. I will give you a little recap:

{As always, thanks Katie!!}

Dinner at Saint Ann’s with best friends… breakfast at Whole Foods… run on the Katy trail… lunch at Company Cafe and East Hampton… Kite and Key formal… driving back home… cuddling with my bestest furry friend.


I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Check back with you guys soon.


take my words back tuesday

Oh well hello there friends!!

So remember when I left you on Friday and I told you I was going to eat super clean all weekend… HAHA. #planfailed

Oh well… it is a new week and all I can do is start fresh. But we did have a GREAT weekend!! It was honestly so much fun.

Here are a few pics for ya:

The Snow’s!

Alright… so what is round 2 of my plan?

Well this week is crazy I have to tell you… and I am leaving town again on Friday!!

We are covering the election tonight for SMU so I will be up ALL night long in  the journalism school but I really could not be more excited about it!! #SMUvotes

As far as working out goes, I have no idea what my schedule will look like. So clean eats are a must!!

Here is what I am hoping to squeeze in:

And I ALSO wanted to show you what P made me! How cute is this?!

We will see how it goes!! I hope you guys all have a GREAT week. Leaving you with this face. How could this not make your day better?

Happy Tuesday!!

Question: Are you cleaning up your eats this week?

wiaw: {healthy eats come back in my life}

Hi friends!

Long time no talk. When I left you on Friday I was headed to Vegas and then to Cali to visit my sister. It was a whirlwind of 5 days but it was SO much fun!! I am still putting together all of our pics, etc. so I will have a FULL recap super soon.

Today let’s talk about getting some healthy food back into my life. In Vegas I basically ate whatever and whenever. We really didn’t even eat all that much, it was just a bunch of junk whenever I did sit down to eat (if you can imagine!!). However, it was an awesome 3 days with amazing friends and I wouldn’t take back a single morsel of food or beverage I consumed.

SOO… now let’s talk about how I am getting back on track/ planning to STAY on track for the next week!! Thanks Jenn for hosting this!

Even though I was traveling yesterday and was in the airport, my body was craving healthy eats.

Workout (8:45 am):

I started the day with a 40 minute sweat session in the basement gym of my sister’s dorm (I want a basement gym!!!) while she was in class.

Breakfast (9:45 am):

I forgot to snap a picture of breakfast but it was a banana + bite of scrambled eggs (way to buttery for me!!) + fresh pineapple.

Lunch (12 pm):

For lunch I grabbed a chopped salad from Subway before my flight.

Shredded lettuce + spinach + turkey + olives + tomato + pickles + balsamic vinegar. I got in some much needed veeeegggiiiieesss.

Snack (2 pm):

As a snack I had some sliced apples and dipped them in my Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter Packet. This almond butter tastes like candy. So, so, so good.

I also had a couple of handfuls of almonds between flights!

Dinner (8 pm):

Mallory picked me up from the airport and we went to Central Market to grab dinner. I wasn’t starving so I had the spring rolls! Delicious.

Bedtime snack:

When I got back, I had a couple of squares of dark chocolate while unpacking. This is my new favorite brand! Amazing.

Today I am planning on cleaning up my eats even more… I started with some egg whites and spinach and am currently snacking on a grapefruit trying to decide if I should go on a run?!?

Ohhhhh…. and I am taking a personal day. #notsorryaboutit.

See you guys soon!! Hope you are having a fantastic week!

Question: Does your body start to crave healthy foods after a few over indulgent days!?

So Much Going On: {Let’s Catch Up}

Hey guys!!

How are you?! Ah so much happening over here lately… let’s do a quick little catch up shall we?!

This past weekend I was in Charlotte, North Carolina for my cousin Jody’s wedding! We had an absolute blast. I saw so many people from home and it was great to catch up with everyone. Such a family filled weekend with lots of love, laughs and tons of fun.

A few pictures!!:

The beautiful bride!!

Dinner Friday night… Lots of laughs 🙂

Speaking of family, my little Rollins headed to Chapman University Monday. She is moving in today. I can not believe it. Were we not just 3 years old yesterday?

I had my “last first day of class” yesterday. What?! When did I get to be almost 22 and a senior? I never EVER thought my last first day of class would come.

First day!!

I also shadowed my first tour of SMU yesterday! I am an ambassador this year, and before I can set out to give my own tours, I have to shadow a couple of times. It was so much fun and it is a job that I am definitely looking very forward to. I love my school and have a lot of pride in it so I am excited to share that with other people.


Last night I had a dinner date with my godmother Kate at Zoe’s to catch up. I will never get sick of this place. Parker doesn’t know it yet, but one day he will open a Zoe’s in my backyard where ever we live ;).

If you want a few little reads, my first article for the semester in the Health and Fitness section was published in The Daily Campus yesterday. The cutest pilates teacher, Rachel contributed it. My blog post for today on The Fit Mustang is about healthy snacks to take to class! Would love your feedback if you want to check them out?!

  1. How to avoid gaining weight in college (Freshman 15… or Freshman 40 for me anyone?!!!)
  2. Healthy Snack for Class

We are still getting settled in our room at the Kappa house and as soon as it is done I will definitely post some pics for you guys. I am so happy to be living in the house again this year! I absolutely love it and there is always somebody to hang out with.

Well… are you sick of hearing about my life yet?

I think I am off to do a little run?! Maybe?! I think it is raining so I may just stay here curled up reading blogs.

I hope you guys have a happy Tuesday! See you tomorrow 🙂

Too Many Emotions + A Guest Post


So, I guess if you read my blog you already know I am a crazy person and my mind runs ninety to nothing. This morning I woke up FULL of emotions. I am sad. I am happy. I am excited. I am overjoyed. I am CRAZY.

Right now I am sitting in the airport and I am bored.

What’s my deal?

1. I am PUMPED that I have a guest post on the CUTEST Natalie’s blog, That Foodie Girl. My very first one! Check it out!

2. I am sad I am not going to Healthy Living Summit this year with some of my new blogger friends. But I am so excited they get to go and blog all about their experience and what they have learned. I WILL be there next year.

3. I am excited, happy, DYING that I have gotten to see my friends! I am sad and throwing a pity party that I have to leave them again, but I can not wait for my cousin’s wedding!! It is going to be a blast.

Photo courtesy of Mal!

4. I am grossed out because I have eaten too much and drank too much in the past 48 hours and feel like a puffy balloon. I am so happy that I got to finally eat my Texas Mexican and other favorites… so this is really a catch 22.

Elizabeth’s red velevet birthday cake X 2 !!

5. P got home today and I will not see him 😦 I am actually dying. BUT so happy he will get time with his parents and Gumbo before heading back to school! Let the countdown begin for when I go see him Labor Day!!!!!!

Absolutely none of these are worth being emotional about. I am just nuts!!!

I think that’s all. I went for a short run earlier because running fixing everyone’s problems, right?!! I hope the endorphins kick in shortly.

I am off to read a million magazines (sorry Dad, yes I bought a lot) and enjoy the dark chocolate + skinny vanilla latte waiting for me for desert.

Airport Lunch

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Have a healthy, yummy, fantastic weekend 🙂

MIMM: {Home Sweet Home}

Hey friends!

Happy Monday 🙂 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Did anyone do anything fun?!

Let’s jump right into what is Marvelous In My Monday shall we?! As always, thanks Katie for hosting this!

1.  Spending time with my sister!

Rollins flew to DC to ride home with me and let me tell ya a 15.5 hour car ride is a great way to catch up on life 😉

I took her to my favorite place to eat in Georgetown on Thursday night, Peacock Cafe and we went back to T Sweets for more ice cream.

Cheeseburger for Ro

Grilled shrimp ceaser for me

Peanut butter oreo swirl fro yo with oreos and reeses toppings for me and Coffee Oreo ice cream for Ro

Friday morning I got up bright and early to go for my last run on my favorite route. I am really going to miss this.

We hit up Dean and Deluca for iced coffees, loaded the car, made a pit stop at Trader Joe’s for some of my favorite things and hit the road.

We ended up stopping a little outside of Knoxville (a little over halfway) and stayed in a great little hotel. Saturday morning we were up and ready to go again!

Around the time we were almost to Birmingham, we were starving and I was in much need of caffeine. Starbucks to the rescue!

Rollins talked me into getting the egg sandwich and said she loves it. P if you are reading this: I have found a fast food (is starbucks fast food?!) breakfast that I could eat every single day for the rest of my entire life. I honestly do not mind fast food if I am on the road with no other option (preferably Subway or Chick-fil-a) but if there is one thing I HATE it is fast food breakfast and this drives my boyfriend crazy. I have no idea why he thinks I am such a diva 😉

2. Dinner with my parents.

Corona Light with lime… much needed!

We went to my dad’s favorite, Papitos. He loves it. And this picture sums him up perfectly.

3. Sunday morning pancakes.

Have you guys tried these Kodiak Cakes? I am in love with them. They are literally just oats and wholewheat flour… they really can not get much healthier and it is nice if your not in the mood to whip up your own batter. Of course I doctored them up with a little cinnamon, vanilla and chia. Courtney always slices bananas in hers so I gave that a try as well. Topped with Justins honey peanut butter and tons of syrup this was an awesome little way to start the day. And my daddy liked them too!

4. Keifer’s with the fam.

If you are from Jackson, need I say more? If you are not from Jackson… well you should make a trip here JUST to eat at Keifer’s. I got a grilled chicken wrap with the famous feta and honey mustard sauce on the side. Heaven.

5. Hanging out with my cousin.

Cooking with Aunt Anne 101. We made banana bread and I taught her how to make a green muffin. We added some chocolate chips into hers which Aunt Anne just might be doing in hers from now on 🙂

6. My mom’s fridge.

Since I am poor, when I grocery shop for myself I have to be very specific about what I buy. I love being home and having all kinds of fruit and already grilled chicken to eat whenever I get hungry. Different kinds of ice cream bars, etc. etc. You get my point.

7. Sleeping.

I have nothing to do but catch up on sleep and hang with my family! I could not be happier.

8. Cuddling with Emma 24/7 all day everyday.

I love being home with my best little buddy and taking her on walks and getting plenty of quality snuggle time in.

9. Stay tuned for My Weekly Setup tomorrow!!!!!

10. Have the MOST marvelous, happy, healthy YUMMY MONDAY ever!

MIMM: {Happy Birthday Lil Gil}

Hey friends!

How is life?!! anything new?! I can not believe how fast the weekend flew by and that I only have ONE more weekend left here in DC!

Since I missed last week’s Marvelous in My Monday, I wanted to make sure I got to participate in the fun this week. Thanks Katie for hosting this!

1 . My weekend was absolutely MARVELOUS! If you are not caught up… I went to the beach on Friday with some of my intern friends from NBC. We had so, so, so much fun and it was a great little get away. Even though the weather was cloudy Saturday, we had a wonderful time hanging out together (and escaping the DC heat). The town is so stinking cute and local. Plenty of great talks, laughs, drinks, eats and I even got in a nice little run Saturday morning on the boardwalk! Katherine’s house was amazing and it was so nice of her to have all of us. A perfect weekend!

Good Morning!

Katherine and I

How cute is she?!

Mini bagel with PB + banana + chiaaa

2. Speaking of great eats… I have officially discovered the MOST MARVELOUS ice cream flavor ever invented. Mint chocolate chip with cookie dough pieces and crushed oreos. I know what you are thinking. It can not be real. ME TOO!!!!!! One day Parker will open an ice cream store just for me and have this flavor 😉 (It’s fine that he does not know that is in his plan yet…)

3. I start best body bootcamp TODAY! I have been wanting to do this ever since the last one and I am excited to have a little change in my routine. I am going to obviously continue listening to my body and not going to push it… but I am really pumped to have something new! The first 2 weeks (first phase) looks MARVELOUS and almost 500 people have signed up so there will be plenty of support in the blog sphere!!

4. The most marvelous thing for last: IT’S MY GILLLLLLSSSS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Mally GIL! I love you so much. Finally legal 🙂 I hope you have the best day ever! Wish I was celebrating right there with you!!!!!! XOXO thanks for always being such a good friend! YOU DA BESSSTTT! I am so happy you “picked me” (HAHAHAHAHAH!!) You really are such a great friend and I can’t thank you enough for always being there for me!

For old time’s sake……

Happy Monday friends!

Saranac with P: Part 2

Hello sweet friends!

Happy Friday! Anyone else pumped that it is the weekend?!! I am SUPER excited. I am going to a precious girl who I intern with beach house and am beyond excited to have the weekend to hang out with all my friends I have met at NBC outside of our “intern cave” as we like to call it.

When I last left  you on Wednesday… I promised another post about the second part of my trip to visit P.

On Sunday morning when I woke up I was SO sad. I couldn’t believe it was already time to go 😦

We headed to the kitchen to help out with breakfast and then I was off to the airport. I downed a stack of chocolate chip pancakes on the car ride there and even  that did not make me feel better!! He dropped me off and had to get going because Sundays are his busiest day. I was a complete basket case. Crying. No… SOBBING.

After waiting around for a few hours at the airport (my flight was delayed 3 times) the lady announced it was CANCELED. Oh.. more tears. I was so, so, so happy! Then she told me everything was booked until Tuesday!! FINE by me.

One of the sweet girl interns P works with came to get me and I was back at camp!  The whole day was a whirlwind and Parker was working like crazy. I just kinda hung out and tried to help him as much as possible.

Finally dinner rolled around and much to my surprise it was BIG COOKIE. Have you ever been to Young Life camp and know what big cookie is? It is the famous desert. A giant skillet cookie topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. I don’t know what they put in this thing but it is crack. Happy Anne.

That night I got to see him in action with a few of the kids as the camp EMT. He is SO patient, calm and understanding. He must have seen this one girl 4 times in one day. I would have given her a tylenol PM and told her to go to sleep… (good thing I am not the one entering the medical profession)… but he just kept  talking her through things and never got his feathers ruffled.

Even in a pretty large emergency that happened Sunday night (don’t feel comfortable sharing) he was so calm. He will literally sit with a kid crying over  a stubbed toe for 20 minutes explaining to him why he feels the way he does and then will tell him to come back by later so he can check it out again. He remembers everyone’s name. Incredible. Sweetest thing I have ever seen ❤

He definitely has a gift and it was incredible to get to see it and be a part of it for a few days.

And apparently some of the high school girls who are working there for the month have been making up excuses to go visit him in the infirmary 😉 Haha.

On Monday he had to be up super early for a meeting so I went on a little run. Nothing special, just 2 miles but it felt good to move! It is really hard for me to run here because of my asthma with the super high altitude. The air is so thin!

We hung out in the infirmary for a good portion of the day (exciting!!) and then I helped out in the bakery that afternoon. It was so much fun! Before dinner P and I went on a short little boat ride around the lake. The weather was awesome. Nothing too special but just nice to be together. Saranac lake is so pretty gosh!!

Monday night after dinner he said he had a surprise… PARASAILING!! It was so much fun. I did this 2 summers ago but had forgotten how beautiful it is!

I was not ready to go on Tuesday morning but felt much better about leaving than I did on Sunday!

Needless to say it was the best 5 days of my summer and I am so happy I got to spend it with my best friend in the whole world!!! Sorry for the gooby quote but this explains us perfectly 🙂

And I think that is about it for today.

See you guys on Monday! Have an awesome weekend… any fun plans?!!!

WIAW: {Our Perfect Day}

Hey friends!!

Well… I am officially back! I left Saranac yesterday and got back late afternoon. I was going to do a post last night  but decided I would just incorporate it into WIAW.

I am going to do a 2 part post on my trip to see P because there is NO WAY I could fit it all into one post. It was the best 5 days EVER!!

Since it is WIAW, I am going to tell you all about our Saturday “surprise date day” because being the two foodies that we are, you know a lot of good eats were consumed.

Let’s back up to Friday afternoon when I finally got there. My flight was delayed, I got on the plane, down the runway, had to get back off, etc. etc. etc. It was a disaster and I was crying like a baby. I am sure everyone in the airport thought I had something severely wrong with me but I thought I was not going to be able to get there. I am a treat.

Fridays are P’s slower days (and let me tell you…. he is BUSY on the other days….) so it was nice because we got to walk around and just enjoy camp and spend a ton of time together. Saranac is one of my most favorite places on earth and it was so great to be back and see familiar faces and also meet the amazing other people he has been working with all summer.

Pineapple Coconut Smoothie for two

We had a delicious dinner + desert (if you have ever been to a Young Life camp… you know the food is incredible) and got to hang out for the rest of the night. I went out with the boys to wake surf and then P and I went out on the boat to look at the stars.

 I forget what the sky looks like here at night. P said it perfectly, “it is uncapturable”. Such a great night!

Saturday morning I was told to “be up at 8 am and wear your uniform.” Oh… my uniform is what P likes to call black lulu leggings, a big t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Normal. He also told me to pack something nice for dinner! Since Saturdays are his day off… we left camp for the day and our adventure began.


I was greeted bright and early with a cup of coffee and then we hit the road to Lake Placid for breakfast. We went to this precious place called “The Breakfast Club.”

I had a greek yogurt bowl with homemade granola and fruit with a side blueberry pancake. I couldn’t pass up the maple syrup (it is super close to Canada so the syrup is to.die.for). He had some breakfast potatoes with ham and dippy eggs on top. It was such a good meal and I hope to come back.


In lieu with the theme of WIAW Fitness, we went to a place called the Flooms and climbed/ walked around. It was beautiful and SO much fun! We would climb, sit, talk, climb again, walk. I am not going to lie, this was a great little workout and we both worked up a pretty good sweat.

After we left here we drove to Whiteface Mountain , the 5th highest mountain in NY State and one of the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. It was so cool! The view was really unbelievable. You could even see Montreal, Canada from a certain point. To get to the top, we climbed about a million flights of stairs… no, really. It may not be considered a work out to you, but I was definitely glad to get to the top 😉

Have you ever had a moment where your breath was taken away? That is how I felt at the top of the mountain. It was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. It reminded me of how lucky I am to have a God that created all of this just for us.

It would not be a day with Anne and P without just a little diva moment…..(or two)


After our adventures, we hopped back in the car and drove down the mountain a little bit to find a picnic table to eat our lunch. We picked up sandwiches at this precious place across from where we ate breakfast before we left.

Turkey for me and some kind of pulled pork for him! The view wasn’t all that bad either 😉


We were both a little tired by this point and I had no idea what he had in store for us next. He wanted to take me to his favorite spot. So we drove back into the town of Saranac and walked to this gorgeous lake (another activity!!). It was behind a rail road track and it was honestly just so peaceful.

There was hardly anyone around us. We had a blanket and just laid there for a few hours, napped, talked and hung out.

Perfect, perfect way to spend the afternoon! If you can not tell by this post already… we are pretty much one of the most laid back couples together. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company so much and are happy just hanging out.


After a quick change we headed into Lake Placid (near where we ate breakfast) to the Dancing Bears restaurant. We actually had driven by this place earlier and I said, “Oh, that looks like such a fun place to eat!” Little did I know… that is where he had been planning to go.

We sat outside (the weather was amazing) on the patio. By this point we had both worked up a little appetite so we immediately ordered the homemade humus with pita.

For our entrees he had the ahi tuna sandwich with these incredible sweet potato fries… in case you are wondering.. of COURSE I helped him eat them.

I went with the grilled chicken pesto pizza with tomatoes and spinach… YUM! And a salad on the side for some greens.


As if the day could get any better, we left dinner and went to Whiteface Lodge. This is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever been to. We were seated next to a window and could see the Adirondacks and the sun set. It was beautiful!

I was SO full and said there was no way I could eat anything else. Oh… what?? My second stomach grew and I cleared my plate???? 😉

We started with decaf coffees and P ordered the chocolate mouse with fresh fruit. I had the brownie ice cream sandwich (typical). It was two brownie cookie with toffee ice cream in the middle surrounded with chocolate chips and homemade caramel sauce. WOW. Oh, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

Let’s just say I went to bed with such a full belly and a happy heart! We never get to be together for an entire day just us and it was absolutely incredible. We had so many great talks and it was so nice to finally catch up and just enjoy each other’s company. This was our perfect day.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the rest of the weekend! I can not wait to tell you what else we did and how awesome of an EMT P is (no really… I think I loved him ten times more than I already do each time I saw him with a kid).

I have not had the healthiest of eats over the past few days or had a full on workout but let’s be real, all I really cared about was being with Parker and the last thing I was going to worry about was trying to eat super clean or sacrifice time with him to get my sweat on. It was worth every single bite of yummy food and more 🙂

Have a Happy Wednesday!! Eat something yummy for me!

I’m Not Back!!

Hi guys:)

So I am not doing my usual MIMM because I’m not back yet! Just checking in to say I am alive.

My flight was canceled yesterday and I can’t get back out until Tuesday. What a blessing and surprise! Can’t believe I have another day here with P.

See you guys tomorrow night or Wednesday!!