H&F articles

I am the health and fitness editor for SMU’s The Daily Campus!

I write articles for each week’s Wednesday newspaper and do blog posts for The Fit Mustang.

I will keep updating this page every week 🙂

Here is some of my favorite:

The Daily Campus:

Have a light, healthy Thanksgiving feast

A fit mustang’s guide for restaurant eats

Tackle the week of Halloween treats

Fight the winter weight

Run for a cause: Theta 5K

Local Dallas Trainer Kyle Osteen Shares Tips

Crossfit: a unique fitness program and the paleo diet

Start: ‘Real Food Fast’ on Greenville

SMU Health Spotlight: McKenna Cottam

On-the-go nutritious study snacks 

Survival health tips for exams

Feel the fusion of fitness in the design district 

Get amped about the growing barre method

How to build a healthy homemade smoothie

Becoming a yogi: mental and physical benefits

Tips to Stay Healthy on Spring Break

A bakery loses the gluten 

Pilates with a Beat

The 21 day challenge is on

Find your ‘wheel’ power at BEYOND studios

Finding a workout that works for you

Get fit, feel good in the new year

The Fit Mustang:

Tackling the Tailgate

Healthy Snack for Class

April Goals

Plan a Weekend Outdoors

Challenge Yourself

What to do for your First Yoga Class

Girl’s Spring Workout Gear

Skinny Cocktails

Spring Break NO Crash Diet

Beat the bloat Monday 

Oatmeal Recipes

Fitness Date Ideas

Guiltless Valentines Day Treats

Staying Healhy on a Budget

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

Healthy Southwest Chicken Salad

Healthy Snack Challenge

Getting Back on Track

Find Time to Work Out


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